Aikido while practiced at the dojo level is part of a wider community our Dojo is part of the British Aikido Federation which is a member of the Joint Aikido Council which is a body of organisations affiliated to the Hombu Aikikai Foundation in Tokyo. The B.A.F. also has representation on the International Aikido Federation.

Other Organisations I have ties to are The Scotish Aikido Federation and The Sapporo Aikido Association.



The British Aikido Federation was founded in 1968 and was originally called the Aikikai of Great Britain. The reason for this title was that the word “Aikikai” (meaning Aiki Association ) was a common theme throughout the world and peculiar to the organizations set up by the Aikido so Honbu. Japan. The change in the name of the British Organization was due to our national politics.


It was felt that the word “Federation” would be more easily recognized by the government bodies with which we were dealing. The Aikikai of Great Britain as it was, was founded by O’ Sensei’s delegated representative to Great Britain Chiba Kazuo. who arrived in Britain around 1966. Chiba Shihan left Great Britain around 1976 to return to Japan.

Chiba Shihan left the organization in the capable hands of Kanetsuka Minoru who was at that time the Head of National Coaches. Kanetsuka Shihan  developed himself  over the years along with the practices within the B.A.F. making it a highly respected Aikido organisation. The years have seen the development of competent instructors vand new dojos under his guidance and that of the BAF seniors.

Sadly he recently Died leaving his legacy to the Senior instructors.



The Joint Aikikai Council

The J.A.C. is an umbrella organisation that represents, in the U.K, all seven groups that are recognised, affiliated to and supported by the Aikikai Foundation (Hombu Dojo) the world headquarters of Ueshiba Aikido. The legacy of Morihei Ueshiba continues through his Grandson, the present Doshu, and his great grandson.

All J.A.C. teachers are highly trained experts on the art of aikido, this high standard is maintained by regular instruction from many of the worlds best teachers including the Doshu. All grades are ratified, approved and issued by Aikikai Foundation and are recognised worldwide. J.A.C. member organisations fundamentally practice aikido in the same way but due to different influences in the past, there are varying, but not contradictory, emphasises from group to group. There are approximately 150 J.A.C. member dojos in the U.K.


The membership consists of the Hombu Aikikai Foundation, Tokyo plus:

The International Aikido Federation (I.A.F.) is a federation of aikido organizations which are directly affiliated to the Aikikai Honbu in Japan, the ‘mother house’ of Aikido. It is the only worldwide federation of such Aikido organizations and at present it has 46 members.

The IAF President is always the Aikido Doshu and a body called the Senior Council has the power to monitor the decisions taken by the IAF Congress, in order to ensure that the federation does not deviate from the ‘way’ of aikido, as taught by the Founder, Morihei Ueshiba.

These decisions are taken at the Congress by the delegates from each member organization. The Congress meets every four years under the presidency of the IAF Chairman and makes its decisions by means of the democratic process of debate and voting. Each member organization. has one vote.


Membership of the IAF is open to national organizations which have Recognition from the Aikikai Hombu. Membership is not open to individuals. There are currently over 100 organizations which have Recognition from the Hombu, but not all of these organizations can be members of the IAF.

It is important to understand that Recognition by the Aikikai Hombu is quite different from Membership of the IAF. At present the IAF has a rule that only one organization. from each country may be a member, but the Aikikai recognizes any aikido organization that fulfills the conditions for Recognition.

The Hombu Aikikai Foundation

Aikido is a modern martial art created by the Founder, Morihei Ueshiba. After the Founder’s passing, his son Kisshomaru Ueshiba was inaugurated as Aikido Doshu. At present, Moriteru Ueshiba, grandson of the Founder, has succeeded his father as Aikido Doshu. His Great grandson Mitsuteru Ueshiba is the Dojo Cho.

The Aikikai Foundation is an association that was established in order to preserve and promote the ideals of true Aikido. Since its inception, Aikido has become established in 95 countries around the globe.


The foundation Employs a number of instructors to disseminate the technique under the direction of the Doshu. The foundation sends its instructors across the globe to vouchsafe the traditions of traditional Aikikai and to preserve the quality of the aikido being practiced. All the official Aikikai organizations receive their senior grades via the Honbu Aikikai Foundation.


The Headquarters also hosts a number of daily classes open to visitors from across the world promoting harmony amongst practitioners.

The highest ranking regular instructors are 6th to 8th dan. With special classes with Tada Shihan the last remaining 9th Dan Aikikai practitioner.

Aikido has been active in Scotland since the 1960s. The Scottish Aikido Federation organisation was established in 1984 by Matthew Holland (Shihan 7th Dan). The president of the Federation is Lord James Douglas Hamilton and Minoru Kanetsuka Shihan 8th Dan is the Technical Director. Kanetsuka Sensei is the representative in Great Britain of the Hombu Dojo, the international headquarters of aikido. Holland Sensei is the chief instructor for Scotland and travels extensively throughout Scotland, the UK and overseas teaching and participating in aikido.


The Scottish Aikido Federation is a member of The International Aikido Federation, the international body governing aikido throughout the world. Holders of Scottish Aikido Federation membership are recognised and welcomed at aikido dojo throughout the world. The Scottish Aikido Federation teaches and promotes the spread of Aikido in Scotland. Sensei Holland is also the Technical Director of:

The Polish Aikido Union

(Polskie Zrzeszenie Aikido) 

The Aikikai Rathmines

The Sapporo Aikido Association falls under the umbrella of the Aikikai organization founded by Morihei Ueshiba, the creator of Aikido.

In 1964, several individuals interested in Aikido formed an Aikido group in Sapporo using public facilities to train. In 1967, The Sapporo City Central Gymnasium was built and approved a private circle for people to get together and practice Aikido. In 1969, former Meiji University professor, Shoji Kamio, was transferred to Sapporo University during its foundation and became the first chief of the Sapporo Aikikai Branch.


In addition to Sapporo, there are 11 other local Aikikai organizations in cities and towns throughout Hokkaido. These dojos, as well as The Sapporo Aikido Association are affiliated through The Hokkaido Aikido Federation. At that time, only the Sapporo Central Gymnasium had Aikido practice. Now, however, there are six sites around Sapporo in several wards: Chuo, Higashi, Kita, Atsubetsu, Kiyota and Teine. Currently about 160 members regularly attend practice.