This website is a representation of the passion have for Aikido. It is somewhat detailed in places this is meant in part as reference material for those who wish to know more.

However the menus should help navigate you to the important information as well. It is very difficult to give a feel for Aikido through a computer screen it needs to be experienced, I am hoping that some of the information will help you find your way.

Firstly I would like to point out that there are a number of “styles” or Aikido and a number of organizations in the U.K. alone. Feel free to use the information where it is relevant, I have attempted to keep it factual without personal opinions. I am not interested in engaging in discourses over its content other than with in the first instance a B.A.F. Shidoin. To my knowledge there is nothing inflammatory and little of controversy on the site, if something causes offence i apologies in advance. The images and text is accessible and found in the public domain avoiding copyright infringement.