Can Anybody Practice Aikido?

Aikido is an art for everybody there are practitioners from 5 years to 90 training every week in the U.K. Because Aikido is not dependant on the use of physical force or a persons height there are no bars on who may practice. It is practiced by complete beginners, children, women, the disabled, and disadvantaged alike.


When practiced in the correct manner aikido is trained in a co-operative manner, using stretching and warm-ups (kihon-dosa) to prepare the body. Working with a partner at either your or their level of proficiency depending on which is lower, thus people with no prior experience are able to practice, it is the seniors’ duty to train in this manner.



Aikido is a form of exercise and practise can be either fast or slow, but progressing brings up the fitness levels, endurance and vitality. This means that you can start practicing regardless of your level of fitness; you just need the determination to keep training. Aikido philosophy encompasses people from all walks of life regardless, of race, colour, creed, sexuality, gender identity, disability or social status.


Our philosophy talks about serving the community in general and behaving in a charitable manner. We offer concessions for the poorer sections of society. We do however ask that you make us aware of and medical conditions or issues which may affect training; this will be dealt with discretely but will help us reach our duty of care commitment. Our practice helps enhance fitness, general health, improves co-ordination, concentration. Taking good ukemi helps stretch muscles and tendons making the body more flexible and pliant. The training program helps people develop self esteem and good self awareness. Our meditative practices help with relaxation and teach a calm state of mind. Above all the dojo promotes a friendly atmosphere and a safe environment where you can meet people and make friends.