Junbi Taiso 準備 体操 Warming Up Exercises

As with any physical exercise, strength or conditioning training warm ups are very important, the body should be properly prepared for the rigour of practice.

Many people will do their own personal warm-ups before the start of a class which are tailored to their body and mood. However it is important not to overexert or over stretch the body.

If you have a medical condition or had an injury or are in pain, please see a doctor before starting any stretching or exercise program and inform the instructor before the class.


It is common for the instructor to conduct communal warm-up exercises after starting.  This helps to promote a community spirit and helps the instructor judge the classes general fitness and flexibility. Typically this involves static and dynamic stretching and breathing exercises. It is important to remember peoples bodies are very different, only do what you can, dont overstretch and if it hurts then stop.


Tekubi-Kansetsu Junan Undo

Aikido has a few unique exercises in this regard which are carried out along side the normal regime.

Tekubi-Kansetsu Junan Undo 節  is a Specialised  wrist exercises are used to increase the flexibility of the wrists and arms.




Makko Ho (真向法) These are a set of exercises recommended to tonify the muscles, improve flexibility of the body and promote good health. They are a series of stretches of the bodies meridians following the principles of chinese medicine.