Here are some dojos which our club has strong ties with:

Wa Go Kan Dojo Manchester




The Manchester Aikido club (Wa Go Kan dojo) was formed in 1970 and was based at Manchester prison under the direction of Senseis Tony & Sandra Drinkwater.  Both Tony & Sandra were Shodan with the then Aikikai of Great Britain, (now the British Aikido Federation) under the leadership of Chiba Shihan.

In the late 1970′s the club moved to St.Josephs church hall under the direction of sensei Mark Binns (Nidan) and was affiliated to the British Aikido Federation (BAF) under the direction of Minoru Kanetsuka shihan.


In 1989 the club moved to the Gorse Hill Youth Centre, Cavendish Road, Stretford, Manchester under the direction of David Yates (6th dan) and Paul Healy (3rd dan).  The club thrived in the early part of the 21st century with valuable contributions made by Martyn Hamer sensei (1st Dan) and Simon McAsey sensei (2nd dan) who were both instrumental in taking the club forward during a period when the number of members was considerably less than it is today. 

In 2008 the club moved to it’s present “home” at St Matthews church social club, Chapel Lane , Stretford. It continues to flourish as the only Aikido dojo in Greater Manchester that is affiliated to the B.A.F., which is the only Aikido federation in the U.K. to have a Japanese Shihan appointed to it by the Aikido Hombu Dojo, Tokyo, Japan, and is also the only organisation in England and Wales to be affiliated to the International Aikido Federation.


The Wa Go Kan dojo has been under the leadership of Sensei David Yates 6th Dan (Shidoin and member of the Technical and Grading Committee of the British Aikido Federation) since the 1980′s and has been practising for over 45 years with his brother Robert Yates 5th Dan.

Ryusuikan Dojo Chester

A freindly club in the north west of england which has been running since the lae 1970 s based in the Judo Hall on Hoole Lane Chester.

Mr. Stephen Parr is the head instructor of Ryusuikan Dojo  and often undertakes courses in the U.k. and abroad.  Mr. Parr's Style of Aikido teaching is refreshingly humorous at times but with a serious undertone of practicing in the realistic and practical aspects of Aikido application. within his aikido application there is innovation and ingenuity as learned from a number of Aikido masters.

Mr. Parr has a very approachable manner and is often well disposed to giving sage advice from his many years of experience. This is reflected in the clubs general demeanour also. He is a well known figure within the B.A.F. as an organiser and purveyor of many aikido courses in particular he hosts B.A.F. Summer School every year. His career in Aikido In 1970s' under Chiba Shihan with the Aikikai of Great Britain.



Atsubetsu-ku dojo is a member of the Sapporo Aikido Association situated in the premier city on Hokkaido, Japan. They became good friends to our dojo when Mr. Whittaker visited them in 2013. The dojo is run by Mr. Kiyomi Kuranishi (6th dan hombu) and Mr.Toshihiro Hirahata (3rd dan hombu), They are a very friendly dojo and very welcoming of visiting guests.

Mr Hirahata is an experienced practitioner of Jodo and has just recently returned from 5 year post teaching Aikido in Uzbekistan.


Harukaze Dojo, Sengawa Tokyo



Harukaze Dojo is a beautiful place to visit with kind friendly people who know how to make you feel welcome. The instructor Mr. Ishi Sensei is a very enjoys a long history of aikido practice and regularly has visits to Mr. Osawa Shihan of Hombu Dojo. The dojo also enjoys an active social calendar which adds the the sense of camaraderie, the dojo is truly like a family. Harukaze have an active junior contingent.