The Founders Early Life

Young Master Ueshiba

Aikido is a modern martial art created Morihei Ueshiba also called O’Sensei (meaning Great Teacher) in the former half of the 20th century. Morihei Ueshiba was born 14 December 1883 in Tanabe, Japan to wealthy parents.

At a young age he was encouraged to take up sumo wrestling and swimming to increase his health and vitality. In 1903, as a teenager, he entered the army, and it was during this period he trained in a variety of combat arts and martial disciplines.

Master Takeda Sokaku 

Some of these were open hand like judo, others were with weapons like a spear and rifle bayonet.

In 1912 Master Ueshiba helped setup a pioneer colony (Shirataki) on the island of Hokkiado Japans large northern island. This was a somewhat arduous and difficult task for all those involve

d as the conditions were wild and very basic.

However he found time to further concentrate on his martial training, then in 1915 he met he founder of Daito-Ryu Aiki-Jutsu, Master Takeda Sokaku. This was a system which was to greatly influence the creation of aikido in 

the coming years. Master Ueshiba studied and practiced this art for many years attaining a high level of proficiency.

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