Development Of Aiki

Another important event which influenced the development of Aikido happened in 1919 when Master Ueshiba was travelling home to see his dying father.

Stopping on the way at Ayabe to pray for his fathers recovery he encountered the flamboyant and enigmatic Onisaburo Deguchi of the Omoto-Kyo religion who became his spiritual guide.

Onisaburo Deguchi

Omoto-Kyo thus became an important component of the philosophy behind Master Ueshibas’ martial arts practice then later Aikido.

Master Ueshiba followed Deguchi’s teachings and ideals then accompanied him as a body guard on a trip to Mongolia. It was the groups intention to set up a utopian colony of the Omoto-Kyo in the Mongolian interior.

However the group was arrested along with a group of rebels and sentenced to death. Fortunately a Japanese official stepped in and interceded. Master Ueshiba returned home with many things to contemplate over after this incident and spent time deciding which direction his life should take. These thoughts which over the years would help develop the foundations of Aikido.

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