Welcome to Kaishukan Aikido club.

We are freindly martial arts club practicing traditional Aikido (Aikikai) as taught at the world headquarters in Tokyo.

If you are interested please come on by to either watch or join in. Or you can contact us as below.

The dojo can be contacted through the instructor Mr Steph Whittaker by:

  • visiting the dojo 
  • via email:     


  • via facebook:


Our dojo is located at the 6th Garston Scout Hut. The Hut is accessable via a driveway behind the Victoria Memorial Hall Club, off Church Road, Garston, L19 2LW. (Next door to the South Liverpool NHS treatment Centre). The site has a private field and forest. 

SUNDAY: 17.30 – 19:30

Classes are mixed with Adults and Juniors (8-18 Years Old),  practising on the same mat. Beginners are welcome.

Training fees contribute to rent, dojo insurance, and equipment maintenance and replacement. Excess funds will used to go towards courses.

Training Costs:

£3.00 For Full Class

£2.00 For Half Class

£6.00 For 3 Family Members

We will be looking at a standing order system in the future of £12/ Month

Prices maybe revised. 

Our dojo is affiliated to the British Aikido Federation thus all members are required to pay a yearly fee.

Membership fee covers insurance to practice Aikido in the U.K. and at the dojo.

A person must have valid and up-to-date Aikido insurance.

A beginner must pay within 3 weeks of starting with £5 on the first night for temporary cover.

B.A.F. Membership:

£35 per year per Adult

£20 per year per Concession/student

£15 per year per Junior

Younger students may wish to take the first hour only parents may stay and watch if they wish.

Parents are welcome to practice with their children as long as they follow the guidelines.

Junior can only practice in the presence of a second adult with a D.B.S.

Juniors under 14 will require collection by a known adult when they finish.